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“I look into this night full of stars in the distance and, sitting on a lonely beach in front of the unmoved sea, I see al that latitude behind me, all the many things done, the many thoughts attempted, the many dreams endeavored, that widespread discomfort never told.
I see in front of me the whole sky above moving slowly and I know I am part of this endless movement.
There is a silence supreme inside of me. I know that all I have done is right. I know all I have tried had to be. I know living is pure movement, undefined, unexplained, unsettled. I am a star.” ©2022 registered by F.


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“The Aurora polaris is a natural phenomenon in the Earth’s atmosphere displaying mainly light bands in a wide range of shapes and colors, which change rapidly. The dominant colors are red, green and blue, which take on different shades. The phenomenon is caused by the collision between the solar wind, made up of charged particles, namely protons and electrons, and the earth’s ionosphere, that layer of the Earth’s atmosphere containing a high concentration of ions and free electrons, extending from about 60 to 600 miles above the Earth’s surface. At those heights the solar wind encounters the atoms of the atmosphere and excites them, causing the emission of light at various wavelengths as they return to their original state.
The aurora polaris takes different shapes, arcs and bright rays of light that start near the earth’s surface and extend upward, sometimes for hundreds of miles. The arches can also be very thin, up to 50 miles and be coloured of yellow and green but sometimes they can turn red at the top and along the lower edge. On very rare occasions, sunlight can skim over the top of the rays creating a faint blue color. Even more rarely (once every 10 years or more) the aurora polaris can appear blood red. The aurora polaris is also called Northern or Southern depending on whether it occurs in the Northern or Southern hemisphere of the planet.
And this was my relationship with her, intense, exciting to the point of emitting our own private light at various heights of the life scene, to the point of occasionally creating a very rare blue light. We lived intensely, no doubt. But what exactly our relationship was we did not understand. Until my solar wind and its particles stopped being excited.” ©2022 registered by F.





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“The new frontier of poetry is the self decontextualized from time, reaching for the absolute, the unconditioned and freed from prejudice. The mechanics of poetry are opening a new era of language and a new, open, mind. Dream is coming back.” ©2022 registered by F.





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“Trees are bending to the wind, the sky is running fast,
The distant smell of rain is almost here.
There is no time, no more time available. Except to look straight into the eyes of life and declare the unconditioned love for living.” ©2022 registered by F.





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Look far.
Look beyond.
Look unsettled.
Look inspired.
Look open.” ©2022 registered by F.





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“Today as we live the Sun has burned half of its hydrogen and is halfway through its life. In five billion years it will have burnt almost everything and will become a red giant. At that time as the core will progressively contract, its atmosphere will expand almost to a billion miles. As this happens the Sun’s color will mutate from bright yellow to intense red and will become innumerable times brighter than today. The sun will be larger, much larger than today, to the point of filling our horizon and the sky hit above. It will be thousands of degrees hotter on our planet and life will disappear until everything will liquefy and melt away. Then it will be the turn of the other planets behind us. More distant planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn, will become solid rock and lose their immense atmospheres. As time passes the Sun will run out of energy and will become a black dwarf star, it will become dark and cold, ultimately leaving all our solar system obscure and silent. Our bodies will become stardust and we will participate to the constitution of new stars, planets and living systems. All our certainties, from physics to philosophy, will dissolve only to leave us asking why should we ever have certainties. The only inevitability of our lives is change. Everything is in constant change. And our certainty is the now. I am living the now.” ©2022 registered by F.


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